SPG:Școala Profesională, Gropnița

SPG:Școala Profesională, Gropnița (Gropnița Trade School), in Gropnița commune, 37 km from Iași City, is an educational institution that offers educational programmes for 474 children with ages from 3 and 17 years old. The students follow the national curriculum, but they can choose optional subjects from a very wide range of classes within a school curriculum.

Because many of our students come from a vulnerable environment (their parents’ low educational level, poor financial situation, disadvantaged background, economical obstacles), being at risk of early school leaving or school drop-out, we try to offer them educational programmes that lead to better school performance, better learning process, individual development of every child who benefits from the educational system.

Students participate in the school life, being involved in many educational projects, some of which are international, and which enhance their initiative, their self esteem, their creativity and motivation to learn. Such an European project developed for our students, for the period 2020-2022, is “The Right Gamification for Tackling Early School Leaving and Disadvantage” (GAMIRIGHT). Gamification will improve performance, will change the behaviour and attitude, will bring an extra point to the quality of education in our school, will reduce early school leaving and school drop-out.

We need this project coordinated by Centro de Educación Infantily Primaria CUBA (Spain) ,in order to have an attractive school and to improve the quality of education.

During the entire process we will work together and side by side with: :E-School Educational Group(Greece) and DAFOGestión Estratégica S.L.(Spain).

Website: www.liceultehnologicgropnita.ro