Before using Gamification in the classroom, one must truly understand what this means. So here is a brief presentation of what gamification is, the reason why teachers and students love it, the difference between games, gamification and game-based learning and the basic elements that turn your classroom into a gamified environment.

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Gamiright’s Pilot Testing is a success!

We are very happy to share the good news: the pilot testing of the educational material created for our project Gamiright has been embraced by both teachers and students.

GamiRight project – Online Meeting

On January 13, 2022, the GamiRight project partners met online to discuss and build on the feedback received from the GamiRight project's Gamification strategy pilot testing. We were pleased to

No homework for one day!

Students dream about having no homework, but educators know its value.But what if educators could use learning to reward students by giving them no homework for a day? Gamiright

Training in the GAMIRIGHT material

On the 21st of December, teachers from local elementary schools in Karditsa visited E-School in order to receive training in the GAMIRIGHT training material. The training covered both the offline