CEIP CUBA is a public educational center, belonging to the Directorate of the Territorial Area (DAT) Madrid-Capital, which depends on the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Community of Madrid.

The school is line 1 (one level per course) except in 6th, where it is line 2. It offers its educational services to 73 children of Early Childhood Education (3 classes, of 3, 4 and 5 years respectively) and 173 children in primary education (from 1st to 6th grade). There is a high percentage of foreign students, distributed in more than 20 nationalities (44%), together with the fact that enrolments throughout the school year, corresponding to massive displacements from certain countries to the neighbourhood.

This causes levels of very varied academic results, coming from educational systems other than Spanish, which causes a problem when it comes to being able to follow the tasks corresponding to its course normally.

This has partly led to the initiative to create FLEXIBLE GROUPS (10 in total), so that in the areas of language and Mathematics, the teachers split the groups, adapting the requirement to the level of real competence, not the one that corresponds to it by age. Similarly, from 3rd grade, we can note that Compensatory Education tries in the same way to cover these cultural differences, also incorporating the sciences into the 2 areas mentioned above.

The Management Team of the center is investing time and funding in a modernization of the center in every way:

– Spaces previously unused for library and playroom use are being adapted.

– ICT resources are being increased, both in classrooms for teachers and students and in common areas for students and families.

– Modification of the annual general programming through which new methodological and coexistence actions are being included to reduce the needs of the educational community.

Website: site.educa.madrid.org/cp.cuba.madrid